“Tamatebako” Outdoor Hot Springs

Tamatebako Hot Springs is part of the Healthy Land resort. In 2017, it was ranked No. 1 by Trip Advisor®, the largest travel website in the world, in the “Day Trip to a Spa & Hot Spring” category. So, make sure to include Healthy Land in your travel plans… The peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the outdoor hot spring is waiting for you!

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While enjoying the lovely natural landscape, you will feel like this place was made just for you. Healthy Land is not only home to a luxurious hot spring, but also located in a perfect region. Thus, the heat of the water is complimented by cool, refreshing winds from the ocean, coming together to help you forget about the hustle and bustle of daily life and heal your aching body and mind.
There are two outdoor hot springs for your enjoyment: 1) a Japanese-style hot spring with a view of the impressive Mt. Kaimondake, and 2) a Western-style hot spring with a sweeping view of the ocean and Mt. Takeyama. They are both popular due to the spectacular scenery.

Water flows directly from the hot spring source, although the temperature is slightly adjusted by adding other water.
Spring type ~ sodium
Spring temperature ~ 100℃
Effects ~ This hot spring addresses pain from neuralgia, arthralgia, stiff shoulders, general muscle soreness, and motor paralysis. It also helps you recover from exhaustion and promotes overall wellness of body and mind.


Recommendation: Purchase set tickets to Healthy Land, so you can enjoy both Tametebako Hot Spring and Yamakawa Sand-Steamed Hot Spring. Refer to the following chart for specific pricing.

Adult (includes junior high school students and over) 1,240yen
Child (includes primary school students and under) 620yen

Tamatebako Hot Spring: The following prices are only for the Tamatebako Hot Spring. But the coupons may be used for both the Healthy Land pool and hot spring.

Adult 510yen
Child 260yen
Adult with Healthy Land annual passport 310yen*
Child with Healthy Land annual passport 150yen*
Adult coupon (11 tickets) 5,100yen
Child coupon (11 tickets) 2,600yen

※Adult includes junior high school students and over. Child includes primary school students and under. The hot springs are free for children under 3 years old.
※Individuals with a disability are eligible for half price tickets (except for *).

Open Days and Hours

Hours 9:30~19:00
Closed Thursdays*

*Open on Thursday during the following weeks: Jan 1 – Jan 4, Apr 30 – May 5, Aug 1 – Aug 31

“Tamatebako” outdoor hot springs are open for men only and women only depending on the date.

Japanese-style ~ Women may visit on odd number dates; men may visit on even number dates.
Western-style ~ Women may visit on even number dates; men may visit on odd number dates.



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