Sand-Steamed Hot Spring “Sayuri”

Yamakawa Sand-Steamed Hot Spring”Sayuri” is fed by the Fushime Hot Spring. This place is surrounded by a breath-taking landscape and has been loved by people since ancient times. You will feel detoxified after a good sweat from the heat of the hot spring and weight of the sand. This luxurious hot spring will refresh your body and mind while you listen to the peaceful sound of ocean waves.

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Open Hours

from September to June 9:00~17:00
from July to August 9:00~17:30

※Open 7 days a week. Closes depending on the weather, so please, contact us in advance.



Set tickets 1,240yen
Bath only(with Yukata rental) *830yen
Coupon (10 tickets) 5,860yen
3 month pass 17,810yen
6 month pass 32,480yen
Annual pass 58,660yen


Set tickets 620en
Bath only(with Yukata rental) *460en
Coupon (10 tickets) 2,930en
3 month pass 8,900en
6 month pass 16,240en
Annual pass 29,330en

※※Individuals with a disability are eligible for half price tickets (except for *)(No discount for Yukata rental)

Facility Description

Spring type sodium-chloride
Spring temperature 102℃
Effects pain from neuralgia, rheumatism, lower back soreness,arthralgia, fractures, strokes, motor paralysis,whiplash, burns, atopic dermatitis, asthma, diabetes,gastrointestinal disorder, anemia, constipation,and menstrual disorders.It also improves fertility and reduces coldsensitivity while boosting overall beauty andwellness of body and mind.※Please, refrain from taking a bath in the hot springif you have high blood pressure (over 180 / 100 mmHG),a serious heart or lung disease, an irregular pulse arrhythmia,an angina, inflammation, or a fever.
Facility Description: ・Lobby・Dressing room・Indoor bath・Drinking water, ice cream (not included in ticket price)・Locker (free)・Rest area・Parking lot (holds up to 50 cars / free)

※You must bring your own towel.
Soaps and shampoos are not permitted. Please, do not bring with you

How to Enjoy the Sand-Steamed Hot Spring:

1. Change into a Yukata in the dressing room, leaving your clothes and underwear in a locker. Make sure to bring your towel into the sand bath room – you will use it as a pillow to rest your head on.
2. Lie down in the designated place to be completely covered by the sand by an attendant.
3. Get out of the sand bath after 10 – 15 minutes.
4. Wash your body in the indoor bath.
5. Enjoy a dip in the hot spring.



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